Current Initiatives

Balanced Supply of Housing: CMHC-SSHRC National Collaborative Housing Research Network

We are delighted to announce that the HRC is the lead organization in an approved joint CMHCSSHRC Partnership Development Grant to establish a node on the theme of Balanced Supply of Housing in the National Collaborative Housing Research Network. Work begins now to develop our proposal for the Stage 2 Partnership Grant. Successful Stage 2 applicants will receive $1,375,000 in funding over five years.


Housing Research Collaborative Data Portal and Matchmaking Platform

The HRC was born out of the recognized need for a housing research centre that would bring together researchers from all sectors to pool knowledge, collaborate on research, and make research available and accessible. In recognition of the dispersed nature of housing data, the intention of the HRC Data Portal is to amalgamate and make accessible housing research and data that is now dispersed or not readily available. This work will identify what research is already being done, what data is being collected, and where there are gaps that need to be addressed. The Portal will be an online, user-friendly, annotated repository and directory of housing data, as well as a curated compilation of housing research to support the work of housing researchers, and encourage students’ participation in a reinvigorated housing research sector in BC. Use of the Portal will be enhanced and encouraged through the development of an integrated online research Matchmaking Platform. We will facilitate connections between researchers and organizations looking to commission housing research in BC through the online Platform using UBC proprietary website architecture.


Housing and Neighbourhood Change: Vancouver & Seattle

In association with the Cascadia Urban Analytics Cooperative (CUAC) we have started to research housing and neighbourhood change in Vancouver and Seattle. CUAC is a partnership between the University of Washington and the University of British Columbia to explore of the potential of data science for social good in an urban context. Our current project is a collaboration between HRC, UBC’s Data Science Institute and UBC Urban Studies.


Data Working Group

A major focus of the Housing Research Collaborative will be data generation, analysis, and aggregation. Recognizing that housing research, particularly in the home province of British Columbia, has been hampered by gaps in the collection of data, as well as lack of accessible data, a Data Working Group has been formed to articulate critical research questions and to outline data needed to answer these questions. The Group is now developing guiding principles for collection and accessibility of data. It is anticipated that this assessment of housing data infrastructure and research will provide the foundation for a reconsideration of the housing system, including its constituent elements and associated definitions.


Inclusive Communities Framework

We are focused on articulating an evidence-based framework for inclusive communities of care for people with challenges to independent living due to temporary, chronic or permanent conditions of mental health, addiction or disability. Given the prevalence of mental health challenges and substance abuse in British Columbia, housing for this population has been identified as particularly critical. In partnership with a non-profit organization that focuses on housing for those with mental health challenges, the Housing Research Collaborative is conducting research on models for non-institutionalized care within inclusive communities. The research will inform an experts’ roundtable, followed by a more broad-based symposium intended to contribute towards the development of policies, programs and projects to address the needs of this population through a holistic, community-living approach.